From United States – 23

Daniel and I started working on some idiomatic expressions from a list; he gave really clear examples and explanations of each one. Toward the end I got the chance to try to come up with my own example. I’m looking forward to continuing tomorrow. Daniel’s attention to making sure that I understand his explanations is great. I’m also happy that he gives the explanations in Danish and that so far I understand their meaning. Great class, Daniel!

Another testimonial from James

Thanks for the great clarifications of the idioms and for your attention to detail regarding my word choice and pronunciation. I’m also picking up a lot of valuable detail about the language based on your way of speaking which is very clear, and integrates a lot of useful vocabulary!

Soraya Redondo

From Spain – 28

Daniel is an excellent teacher! He’s fun, patient, very easy to talk to and well prepared. Absolutely a great choice to learn Danish.

선민 (Seon-Min)

From South Korea – 23

He teaches me the vocabulary I don’t know in an easy way! Most of the text I brought are from museums around Europe, and if a word is wrong, he always deals with the phrase well. Another good side of this class is since he speaks both British English and American English, you can learn what you want. Above all, Cheap class fee lessened my burden as a student. While taking his lesson until I move to Germany, I look forward to seeing my enhanced English skills.

진용 (Jinyong)

From South Korea – 28

It was a great piece of luck that I could meet Daniel. It was not just getting high grades on English exams such as TOEIC or OPIC, but also improving my conversational abilities that I hoped to achieve. But the way most conversation academies are operating which is the class type of ‘several students to one teacher’, or if they have ‘one-to-one’ teaching, the price is so high. But since I met Daniel, I’m really having a wonderful time learning conversational skills in English for a good price.

회선 (Hee-Sun)

From South Korea – 23

I think this class has three main advantages. When we are reading texts, Daniel makes me understand the meaning of the sentences in the paragraphs. He also checks my pronunciation and teaches the right expression or words in different situations. He teaches the right expression or words in different situations. This part is the most difficult when speaking. You need to know the cultural aspects of English. But Daniel knows how that feels and is good at explaining it.