The exact price of your class will vary. However, once we have agreed on a price, it will stay at that price, unless a specific class has special conditions (ex night class). During your free trial class, we will discuss pricing on future classes. Book your free trial class here.

After your free trial, classes will generally be around $20 per hour, but depending on what you need and my availability, price can vary. In some situations, class prices might be lower, in some cases, it might be higher. This is to ensure that every student gets the most fair price for my time.

The most important factor on the price of your class is how many hours per week you want to have. The more classes you have per week, the cheaper each class will be.


All payments for classes are handled through PayPal, giving you a secure way to pay. PayPal is a secure and trusted payment service, giving you the option to pay with your credit card or with your PayPal account.

When you and I have scheduled a class, I will send a PayPal payment link to you, where you will be able to pay for the agreed upon amount. You can choose to pay per class, per week or per month.

You will also have the option to request a refund, if you are unhappy with your classes.