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The self-improvement project

自力更生 – The Kosei Project

This project is about self improvement through one’s own effort. Self improvement has to be done in steps, nothing can be achieved all at once. That’s why, this first part of the project is going to concern the three basics:

  1. Proper sleep
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Regular physical activity

As far as I am concerned, these are the three pillars to happiness and well-being. Starting today, Thursday October 17th, I am going to have a week long focus on these aspects, ending on Thursday October 24th. Defined below are a set of rules that I have to stay within for the next week.

Proper sleep

I will sleep around eight hours every night, starting at 10pm and ending at 6am. Early mornings are the best for me and at night I tend to be to tired to do anything of use anyways.

Healthy Eating

I will eat lunch, consisting of a piece o fruit and some eggs, along with a meal-prepped dinner consisting of rice, meat, and broccoli, with a banana for dessert. I may have a banana and a few eggs in the morning, should I feel hungry.

Regular physical activity

This entails going to the gym three times a week, at least two times if I am busy. I might opt to go for the occasional walk as well, on non-gym days.

My experience and how well I’ve done will be detailed in a post next week.