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Bingsu at SSAM – 쌈의 빙수

A while ago I wrote about my experience watching Parasite (기생충), and this time I thought I’d talk about the bingsu I had at SSAM, a popular Korean restaurant in Copenhagen

Bingsu by Lam-Vi Ngo

Bingsu was one of the first things I had when I first went to Korea in 2016. I met up in with a couple of old friends in 설빙 (Sulbing) who I had met in Denmark and Seattle a while earlier.

The main ingredient of bingsu, the ice shavings themselves, do not have a lot of flavor, so other things are needed to make a bingsu delicious. In this case, plenty of vanilla ice cream, brownie bits, marshmallows, and flavored dust. The size was easily shareable between two people.

On the side, we had a nice cup of honey plum tea (꿀매실차), a very tasty kind of tea that I’ve only had in Korean settings. Unlike many other teas, 꿀매실차 is very flavorful and sweet, with little bits of fruit, presumably plum. Perfect for the freezing Danish winter.