How are classes done?

Classes with me can be done in many different ways. I have been teaching children as young as 4 years old and adults in their upper 40’es. I have done single person classes and group classes.

Every person is different, so every class will be different. When you book your trial class, let’s talk about what you need from me. Together we will figure out what kind of class suits you best.

Maybe you want conversational practice? Maybe you want to do grammar, listening or speaking exercises? Whatever it is that you wish to practice, I have experience doing it. Let’s find a mix that fits your wants and needs.

Examples of classes

Conversational Class
Do you want to sound more natural and fluent when you meet natives? This class is for you. Through conversation with me, you will learn new vocabulary, expressions, idioms, grammar and much more. I will correct your mistakes and pronunciation to make you sound natural and fluent. You will train your speaking and listening while improving quickly. I personally think this class is the most useful in daily life.

Full-Practice Class
If you want to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing, then I have a mix for you that will work very well. Half the class will be a conversation between us (I’m easy to talk to) and the other half will be exercises. We will do exercises in writing and listening which really accelerates your learning. On top of that, you will do writing homework that I will correct with you as well.

Test Preparation Class
If you want to prepare for a test to make sure you will get the best results, this class is for you. Through a series of exercises based on the test and your wishes, I will make sure you feel comfortable and ready to complete your upcoming test with great results!

What will you need?

For all my classes, we will use Skype for communication. It’s important you install and sign up to use Skype. You can install it on your phone, tablet or computer, although I recommend using a tablet or computer with a decent webcam.

In order to book a free trial class with me, you will need to give me your Skype ID so I can contact you. It’s free to sign up!

I have used skype for all my online classes internationally and with great results. If you have a really bad internet connection, voice will do fine. But if your internet connection isn’t bad, video calls will be stable.