#3 Kim’s Dobbelt Krydret – Margherita with Tomato & Cheese + Basil oil

This bag of potato chips was bought in Netto for 21.95 DKK. They are ridge cut with a double infused flavor of tomato and cheese, with basil oil.

The bag weighs 165g with a very glossy design. The “dobbelt krydret” (double spiced) technique is a new one from Kim’s, where they infuse the chips first with a flavored oil, then with spices as regular chips, meaning they achieve a fuller flavor.


The chips look like they’re ready to party with a heavy coating of colorful spicing in red and green. Probably to signify the basil and tomato ingredients. There are even a few specs of white powder, which may represent the final flavoring, the cheese. The chips look fun and stand out with their spice coating. 


When I opened the bag I was greeted by a smell of oregano or possibly basil (not 100% sure how basil smells), at least some type of herby smell. Definitely a reminiscent smell of a pizza with a few herbs on it. The chips themselves have a similar smell, but faint.
• Intensity of smell – 3/5


The chips feel heavy in the mouth and take longer to chew than the previous chips I have reviewed. Other than that they have a predictably delicious crunch as with other Kim’s chips.


The first few chips were somewhat mild in flavor intensity, but as you eat a dozen or two chips the flavor starts to accumulate. You start to sense a cheesy flavor with a basil/organo spiced twist. The cheese is not like a cheesy dorito or other traditional cheese chips, but a more pizza-like denser cheese. The tomato aspect doesn’t taste like actual tomatoes, however the tomato flavor present on these chips is somewhat reminiscent of other tomato flavored chips I’ve tasted before, albeit in a mild form.

As you stop eating the chips, the cheese flavor fades but the spices stay for a little while longer. The flavor does remind me of a margherita pizza somewhat, which I think is what the goal with this bag is.

I would not say that the flavor is intense, but it is strong. What I mean is that they are not like a powerful flavor that overwhelms you, rather it is a deep flavor. So these chips are neither mild nor overwhelming, but they pack a prominent flavor which doesn’t get tiring.

On an interesting note, these chips do not taste salty. Neither I nor my dad who helped me with this review would describe the salt as noticeable in any way. That being said they don’t taste like they weren’t salted at all. Looking at the nutrition label however, we see these chips are not salted any less than other chips.
• Intensity of taste – 3/5 – See notes on “intensity” above
• Salt level – 2/5

Overall experience & Final thoughts

These chips leave no particular strong impression on me. I wouldn’t say I love them, but I certainly don’t dislike them. They fall somewhere in between where I would eat them, were they in a selection of different chips, but I would probably skew towards other chips more.

The flavor inside the bag matches really well with what I expected from the design and flavoring written on the outside of the bag. The chips pack a basil-oregano spicing flavor with some pizza cheese flavoring and a rather mild hint of “tomato”.

If you’re looking for chips with a pronounced flavor of the sort of profile I’ve described above, these chips are definitely for you. Well suited for a party or movie night. Thankfully the bag isn’t so big that taking a risk on this flavor leaves you with a lot of leftovers, should you be 2-3+ people eating them among other chips.

All that being said, while they may not be my favorite, I do applaud Kim’s for making a flavor which I haven’t had in other bags before. I like the variety and it brings more choice to a chips market which is typically dominated by the traditional flavors.

Final Rating – 3/5

Dip Recommendation

For this chip I feel like most dips would go. A nice BBQ or a Sour Cream and Onion, a dill or a ranch. Whichever you pick you can’t go wrong. That being said, due to the deep flavor this chip has, a dip is not a must to enjoy them.

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