#2 Lay’s Sensations® – Mexican Peppers & Cream Review

This particular Lay’s bag was bought in Kvickly for 22.95 DKK. These potato chips are plain cut with “mexican peppers and cream” flavoring

The bag comes in at 150g and features a matte black design


The plain cut chips look nice, no noticeable tint to indicate flavor however. Interestingly, they are almost all uniformly round with a very flat surface. Generally, the chips are nice to look at and came whole in the bag.


When opening the bag, I was surprisingly met with a vinegary smell as though I was opening a bag of vinegar chips. The smell was however not overwhelming and fairly subtle. Each individual chip also has a faint smell of vinegar.
• Intensity of smell – 2/5


The chips are fairly thin but strong and brittle. They break apart nicely with small, firm cracks in the mouth.


The flavor is mild, which I believe is because this chip is a more up-market type of chips, which I will get to in a later section. The initial flavor is more of the Cream than it is the Mexican Peppers. However a mild spicy flavor follows a few seconds after. 

The chips are all so lightly flavored that if you happen to eat a chip that is more sparsely flavored than the rest, it tastes almost of nothing. Some chips also taste more creamy and some taste more spicy. Considering the flavor is fairly mild, you will not have a problem with these being too hot and spicy, for even the most sensitive, despite the name and imagery on the bag.
• Intensity of taste – 3/5
• Salt level – 3/5

Overall experience & Final thoughts

With a sophisticated matte black bag and the name “Sensations”, I believe these chips are trying to appeal to a more discerning audience. Generally, I would not say that these chips are meant for a party or even a movie-night. I honestly would not feel that these chips were out of place on a cheeseboard or a tapas plate with some wine as the mild flavor goes well with other food items.

Alternatively, these chips are for anyone who would normally find regular chips too overwhelming in flavor, which chips can be to some people. Despite the mild flavor, the chips are still salty and therefore would not win over anybody who does not like the saltiness of chips.

These thoughts lead me to the idea that these chips are more for people who wouldn’t generally indulge in chips. The design, name, price, and size of the bag would also indicate that they appeal outside the chips-lover audience.

While these chips are not bad, they are not for me. I believe they are for people who wouldn’t normally eat chips, but at the same time I don’t think people who normally don’t buy chips would go for a bag with the flavor “Mexican Peppers & Cream”. However as part of a meal, perhaps if you enjoy a cheeseboard, wine, or tapas, then look for these as they are a nice complement.

• Final Rating – 2/5

Dip Recommendation

There are two ways to look at this, if you’re eating them as I think they were meant to be, you wouldn’t use any dip with these, perhaps a very mild one if you had to.

The other way is to think of the very mild and perhaps underwhelming taste. Then you might go for a strong dip just to have some flavoring. Which route you go is up to you.

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