#1 Chips Review

If you read my last post you saw that I have been thinking about doing reviews of chips, so here’s the first one.

Lidl Barbecue

Crinkle Cut

These potato chips were bought from Lidl with their own brand name “Snack Day”. They are barbecue (BBQ) flavor with a deep crinkle cut.


The chips look great, with an orange tint to highlight the barbecue flavor. The chips are ridge cut with deep grooves, perhaps to remind you of the grill marks on a nicely seared steak, as suggested by the bag.


When the bag is opened there is a strong gust of smokiness out of the bag. The chips themselves also have a noticeable and pleasant smoky fragrance.
• Intensity of smell – 5/5


The chips are brittle and easily breaks apart in the mouth. Chips are properly crunchy and enjoyable to chew.


Flavor is that of a sweet barbecue and umami with a medium-high intensity. I have had a few chips that are stronger in flavor, but these are up there. There is also a smoky aftertaste which lingers for a little bit. I would have a hard time going through the whole bag without getting somewhat tired of the flavor, but 100-200g would probably be the most I could eat.
• Intensity of taste – 4/5
• Salt level – 4/5

Overall experience

The chips are all well-preserved and whole with a visually pleasing orange tint to signify the barbecue flavor. A smoky smell rushes out the bag when opened and smelling the chips the smokiness really comes through. Flavor wise it’s a sweet barbecue umami flavor with a smoky aftertaste. I thoroughly enjoyed these chips and they are one of my go-to bags if I’m in the mood for a barbecue chip.
Final rating – 5/5

Dip recommendation

A dip is not necessary to enjoy this chip due to the already strong flavor. However should you go for a dip, I would recommend a lighter dip such as dill, Sour Cream & Onion, ranch, or holiday. An onion or garlic dip would go particularly well with the smoky, barbecue flavor

Final thoughts

Considering these chips are discount chips, it is an excellent bag. Typically quantity over quality takes first place with these types of bags, but not only do you get a large quantity (300g), they are also of above average quality for the price range. The chips are neither too oily or fatty tasting, which can happen at this price-point. A bag of these will be a popular pick for parties, movie nights and other gatherings where a decent quantity of good chips are important.

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