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I aim to give you the best learning experience available online and in person

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I offer high quality classes at the best price available. I know that not everyone has the ability to pay the high prices of traditional institutions, so I keep a low price to give you the best deal you will find! I also have a refund policy, so you can request a refund if you are unhappy with classes.

Personalized Learning

Get the classes you want and need from me. Together, you and I will create the class of your dreams. You will get exactly the practice you need to improve your abilities at a fast pace. You are a unique person, you need a unique class.

Any Skill Level

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to fluency or you're an advanced student, my classes will take you to the next level. Let's take the journey to mastery together! It's always more fun together.

About Me

My name is Daniel Mads, I'm 22 years old and I'm passionate about languages, people, and teaching!

For the past 5 years, my time has been spent on learning about languages or teaching them. I have been teaching English and Danish in both South Korea and here in Denmark. I hope to be able to teach in many more countries in the coming years.

Learning about cultures, languages, and societies is something I am deeply passionate about. I share that passion with my friends and students when I can!

Meeting new people and helping them to fluency in their language is fun and I absolutely love doing it. Hopefully I can get the chance to help you as well.

In my spare time, I learn Korean and Chinese. Besides that, I love reading books, taking walks in the city or country-side, studying at the library and travelling all over the world. Going out, meeting new people, talking and learning about their life, culture and language is one of my favorite things to do.

I can't wait to meet you too!

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Happy Students

Here's what my students say about my classes

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진용 (Jinyong)

진용 (Jinyong)

Student for 10 months

It was a great piece of luck that I could meet Daniel. It was not just getting high grades on English exams such as TOEIC or OPIC, but also improving my conversational abilities that I hoped to achieve. But the way most conversation academies are operating which is the class type of ‘several students to one teacher’, or if they have ‘one-to-one’ teaching, the price is so high. But since I met Daniel, I’m really having a wonderful time learning conversational skills in English for a good price.

선민 (Seon-Min)

선민 (Seon-Min)

Student for 6 months

He teaches me the vocabulary I don't know in an easy way! Most of the text I brought are from museums around Europe, and if a word is wrong, he always deals with the phrase well. Another good side of this class is since he speaks both British English and American English, you can learn what you want. Above all, Cheap class fee lessened my burden as a student. While taking his lesson until I move to Germany, I look forward to seeing my enhanced English skills.

희선 (Hee-Sun)

희선 (Hee-Sun)

Student for 6 months

I think this class has three main advantages. When we are reading texts, Daniel makes me understand the meaning of the sentences in the paragraphs. He also checks my pronunciation and teaches the right expression or words in different situations. This part is the most difficult when speaking. You need to know the cultural aspects of English. But Daniel knows how that feels and is good at explaining it.

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